Mental Health Therapy and Relationship Counseling Services


Abraham Maslow suggested in his Hierarchy of Needs that humans are all striving towards the top of the pyramid, which is self-actualization, which is an ongoing process of making sure the other blocks of your pyramid are sturdy. Sex, a basic human need, is sometimes confused with love and sexual intimacy, which are higher-order needs.  Are you fully self-actualized? Not many of us are- which means most of us can benefit from therapy.


General Mental Health Counseling, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy  

Think therapy is just for "crazy people"? Therapy with me involves evidence-based, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques that go way beyond just listening to peoples' problems and giving well-intentioned advice.  People come to therapy for disturbed mood (such as anger, anxiety, panic and depression), family conflicts, behavioral disturbances and acting out unhealthy behaviors, relationship conflicts, social problems, career issues, sex issues, anger management and more. Therapy (or counseling) can help you face and change the things you're feeling stuck with now, and better prepare you for the inevitable conflicts that you'll come up against in the future. Sometimes you just need help setting goals to address problem areas in your life, and coaching seems a more appropriate model than intensive psychotherapy. Whatever you need help with, it starts with coming in for an intake assessment so we can talk over your situation and figure out a plan of action.


Individual Intake and Assessment-

All therapy services with me begins with an initial diagnostic interview and assessment (also known as an intake). During this session we go over how therapy with my practice works and we try to get a general idea of what conflicts you're having as well as what goals you want to set for our work together.  Whether individual couples or other relationships -  all of our work starts with an individual intake.

The intake might also be appropriate when follow-up services are unneeded, in cases like gender identity issues (hormone readiness letters, surgery support letters), bariatric surgery (surgery readiness letters), court-ordered assessments such as likely recidivism in cases like juvenile sex offenders, etc. 


We can't fix a lifetime of problems in one session, and the intake assessment helps us get to the therapy component of our work together in a focused and effective way!







Sex Therapy

Sex has finally come out of the closet.  People talk more openly about sexuality more now than we have in decades.  The thing is, there are lots of people who claim to be sex experts just by virtue of having read "Fifty Shades of Grey". Sex therapy with in my practice is evidence-based and aims to help you create the sex life that you find most fulfilling, not based on religious propaganda or pseudo-science.  According to Abraham Maslow, sex is one of the most very basic of human drives (even more basic than love).  Therapists specializing in sex therapy use this as a guiding principal.  Parts aren't working the way you think they should?  We can help. Feel like your sex life is out of control?  Put down the "sex addiction" self-help book, and talk to a sex therapist who can help you sort through the noise that still surrounds all things sexual- even in New Orleans.  Sex therapy is as fitting for individuals as it is for folks in relationships. Issues ranging from working out guilt surrounding masturbation, fantasy life, porn, fetishes, dating, sexual identity, gender identity, relationship style, infidelity issues (and often the desire to be consensually non-monogamous) to sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful sex or erectile difficulty.

But what is a sex therapist?

Here's a great explanation from AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists:

AASECT requires sexuality counselors and sex therapists to fulfill specific and rigorous training requirements in order to become certified. AASECT Certified Sex Therapists are mental health professionals, trained to provide in-depth psychotherapy, who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns. They are either licensed, or in the absence of required licensure, they are certified, registered, or clinical members of a national psychotherapy organization.

Sex therapists work with sexual concerns and, in addition, where appropriate, are prepared to provide comprehensive and intensive psychotherapy over an extended period of time in more complex cases.

Our staff are working towards their own specializations and certifications in sex therapy, and work under supervision with Dr. DeMarco.

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Couples therapy, relationship counseling, marriage therapy, marital counseling

A relatively short-term intervention to get your relationship back on track.  By creating a safe space for you to create a common vision of your relationship, we work on helping you to communicate your needs and desires and to trust and accept your partner unconditionally (called unconditional other acceptance).  To do this, we alternate between seeing you as individuals one week, and together as a couple the following week, which encourages differentiation (taking responsibility for your own role in the relationship and the conflicts that come up) as well as relationship growth and evolution.  

I often get clients who tell us they haven't ever felt comfortable with other therapists talking about sexuality and other relationship issues.  I have a specialized training, experience and interest in working with relationships and sexuality of all sorts of flavors, and by using an evidence-based, yet warm and non-judgmental approach, you can be sure you're getting affordable, effective, modern couples therapy and sex therapy for the 21st Century.   You have to struggle enough with people telling you who you should be and how you should behave- your therapist doesn't have to add to that.  My staff are all supervised by me so that they may receive their specialized training in sex therapy.


A note from Dr. DeMArco

There are many psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers who claim to work with couples and relationships. My masters in Psychology emphasis was marriage and family therapy, and I have been licensed in New York and Vermont as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, held clinical membership in AAMFT, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a board position in the New York Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I have clinically supervised MFT's, MHC's and LPC's in training since 2006. All of our staff are chosen because of their interest in working with a sex-positive style of therapy that is compassionate and effective.  We look forward to working with you.